Salmon is a name used for several common fish species of the Salmonidae family. They shouldn’t be confused with trout, which are also members of the Salmonidae family. Salmon can thrive in both freshwater and saltwater. Salmon are anadromous, they hatch from their eggs in freshwater, travel to the ocean as they grow and later return to freshwater in order to spawn.

Salmon Fishing Tips, Tricks and Techniques

  • Sharpen those Hooks

Salmon have a thick jaw that can make setting a hook more difficult. You’ll want to make sure that your hooks are razor sharp when fishing for salmon.

  • Overcast for Success

Salmon prefer low lighting conditions, thus making days with an overcast more successful for salmon fishing than other days. In addition to overcast days, dawn and dusk provide optimal light conditions for salmon. You can still catch salmon on bright sunny days but they will be in deeper water and slightly less active.

  • The Best Bait for Salmon

It’s a known fact that one of the best methods for catching salmon with live bait is to use roe (eggs). You can purchase this type of bait or actually harvest and cure your own roe.

  • Learn to Drift Fish

One of the most up and coming methods for fishing for salmon is drift fishing. This is useful for river fishing for salmon, you basically cast your bait upstream and let it drift down over a pool or area where you think salmon are.

  • Get the Stamp

To catch and keep salmon in the U.S. you’ll likely need a special stamp or permit along with your fishing license. It’s important to have this to prevent you from getting a large fine. It’s also important because the cost of the stamp/permit is used to fund salmon stocking and conservation programs.