1. How can I place my order?
You just have to click on the product you desire, and click the “add to cart” button, and after that the mini cart pop up will appear. Click checkout, then fill in your personal data and click place order.

2. What was the delivery services that Duraking use?
We use JNE (www.jne.co.id) and J&T (www.jet.co.id) delivery service.

3. What are the products that Duraking sell?
We sell fishing gear. You can check our collection on “LINES”, “APPARELS”, and “RODS” menu.

4. What are the payment methods on Duraking?
We receive payment via bank transfer: Bank Central Asia (BCA).
Atas Nama : PT. Pancajaya Sejati
Nama Bank : Bank Central Asia (BCA)
Nomor Rek : 008 8977 877
Cabang : Asia Afrika Bandung

5. I receive the package incomplete, what should I do?
Please inform us as soon as possible by contacting us on the “Contact” menu.
If the products missing some things, please sent the product back to us with its original packaging, including: the payment confirmation.

6. How can I look for the information of the products?
You can see the details of the products by clicking the picture or you can visit our nearest offline stores.